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In June 2013, the ACT Government embarked on a Joint Venture (JV) arrangement with Riverview Projects to deliver the region’s first cross-border development, the Ginninderry project. The project will deliver up to 11,500 dwellings for 30,000 new residents over the next 30-40 years.

In 2015, contentgroup were commissioned by the Ginninderry JV to develop a strategic communication plan that would build brand awareness, while highlighting the project’s commitment to building a sustainable community of international significance. In doing so, we aimed to distinguish the development from competitor projects, delivering on the business objective of driving demand for Ginninderry’s housing product mix.

Findings from extensive, project-commissioned research, stakeholder workshops and focus groups informed the final marketing, communication and public relations strategy that was produced by contentgroup in 2015.

In delivering the strategy, we captured key milestones and marketing phases, communication objectives, identified measures of success and key messages. A SWOT analysis was performed along with a competitor analysis, brand strategy defined, and series of tactics advised to promote future events, community engagement opportunities and project initiatives.

The approach combined digital and traditional owned and earned media and social media opportunities, and advised published remain valuable, relevant, and engaging to ensure it continued to meet the needs of identified target audiences. We further advised that all associated PR and content opportunities complement the established communication objectives, to achieve the overarching objective to drive sales.


contentgroup has consistently assisted the Ginninderry JV to build and maintain positive public brand appeal and rapport. Since 2014, we have maintained a retainer payment arrangement for the provision of strategic communication advice, PR and content creation. We continue to identify opportunities that complement and reinforce the Ginninderry project story, helping the team deliver on their mission of engaging with existing and future residents of the community.

In the four years that contentgroup have assisted the Ginninderry JV project, we have established a project following in the form of 5000 newsletter subscribers, 1,950 Facebook page fans and 372 Twitter followers.

During this time, we have promoted and generated conversation around initiatives associated with project themes of community, training and employment, sustainability and conservation, and maintained communication with key stakeholders surrounding project updates and developments.

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