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AboutThe opportunity

In 2011 CSIRO stated its intention to consolidate its property holdings across Australia to align them with its organisational priorities and science objectives.

Its 701ha Ginninderra Research Field Station was classified as an underutilised site and work was underway to explore the future possibilities for the site, including urban development.

Significant environmental, heritage and scoping studies were then undertaken to better understand what was possible at the site.

As these studies progressed, contentgroup was engaged by CSIRO in July 2015 to provide strategic communications advice.

AboutThe project

Our strategy

Our first task was to prepare a Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan to guide all communication activity.

In order to produce a plan that could then be successfully implemented over the next 18 months, we ran a series of workshops with key internal stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current state of play and map out all key stakeholder groups that needed to be communicated with.

We followed the framework set out in our content marketing method  to set objectives and define audiences.

This process also allowed us to document the detailed stories to be told throughout the project, whom they should be told to, when they should be told and through which channel.

Our suggested approach, whilst also utilising more traditional offline communication stakeholder tactics, had a major focus on online engagement.

The online approach utilised the gift of the latest communication technology to “go direct” to the community and stakeholders to tell the story of the Ginninderra Project by creating and distributing its own content to explain the story to its various audiences.

Tying the plan together was a measurement and evaluation framework that has allowed constant reporting on the success of all engagement activities.


contentgroup has been successfully implementing this plan since delivery of the strategy.

This has included creating a range of content including videos, infographics, blogs and website content. We have also managed all social media and website engagement, along with running public relations for the project.

Our approach has allowed the project’s story to be effectively told as it passes through each clearly defined stage.

For more information on this project, please visit www.ginninderraproject.com.au

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