Criticial Systems Branch, Department of Defence

Strategic Communication and Stakeholder engagement strategy

Critical Systems Branch (CSB) in the Department of Defence is responsible for acquiring and sustaining information technology systems in support of Command and Control, Intelligence and Military Geospatial capabilities. The branch also provides all Defence’s deployed information technology.

CSB desired to improve the flow of information from the Assistant Secretary in order to build a culture of continuous improvement, and to build greater collaboration and a stronger connection between the System Program Offices (SPOs) in the branch.

To achieve communications reform in CSB, contentgroup was engaged to develop a stakeholder engagement and strategic communication plan for CSB.

We began the task by gathering insights from staff about their preferred communication channels, types and frequency of communication. Using that information as a guide, we agreed a set of objectives, principles, stakeholders (internal and external), risks and activities.

We introduced the concept of “Team CSB” as part of our stakeholder engagement and strategic communication plan”, which was enthusiastically embraced by the SPO directors and branch leadership. This included implementing regular monthly face to face meetings, which allowed Branch leadership to discuss issues of common interest.

“Team CSB’’ is continuing to mature in 2020.


‘’In a busy working environment, I felt the concept of ‘Team CSB’ was a useful way to share knowledge and experience with my colleagues. Coming together as a team helped me to contribute to the bigger picture of the branch”.

Derived out of a feedback form following a Team CSB planning meeting