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Canberra CBD Limited (CCBD) exists to promote the city centre of Canberra. Funded out of a levy of property owners, CCBD’s main task is to market and maintain the City Centre as the premier retail, lifestyle and commercial district of Canberra.

In 2013, the organisation was struggling to establish awareness of its role or respect for its work in the Canberra community. There were rumblings from key stakeholders inside and outside of government that CCBD was underperforming.

Traditional methods of communication such as advertising and public relations were ineffective and the CCBD was looking for solutions.


CCBD engaged contentgroup to develop a content marketing plan to raise the profile and awareness of the organisation, as well as to draw attention to the many events held in the city including the popular Skate in the City and Christmas Carnival in the City.

contentgroup started with three workshops where we worked through our comprehensive content marketing methodology which includes research, audience identification, objective setting, media selection, channel selection, editorial calendaring and measurement and evaluation.

The exhaustive process helped bring clarity for parties involved in CCBD at an administrative and Board level.

The outcome was a new, more user friendly website and a clear and consistent plan for publishing useful, relevant and valuable content for the key audiences identified in the plan. A robust measurement and evaluation system ensured that the publishing efforts (online and offline) have always been accountable.

contentgroup uses a mixture of content (photos, audio, stills, text) to encourage engagement and online activity around the Skate in the City event. Daily website and social media updates, weekly videos and competitions throughout the event were utilised to keep the information fresh and engaging.


Since contentgroup began assisting Canberra CBD Limited with their online communication their Facebook page following has grown by over 700% and their Twitter following by over 100%. In the last six months of 2014 visitation to their website increased by 187%.

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