Australian National Road Transport Association

AboutThe opportunity


The National Road Transport Association had a story to tell but weren’t sure about the best way to go about it.

They are a successful, growing organisation but they sensed they could achieve more from their investment in communication.

They had developed a new website and graphics, established social media channels and confirmed their events program. They were looking for guidance as to how to draw all the elements of their communication together to create maximum effect. They also wanted an approach that was accountable and measurable.

The National Road Transport Association was clear about their corporate objectives which included growing their membership base and increasing their influence with key stakeholders including staffers in Government, but they knew that needed help to ensure that their communication was effective.


In addressing this challenge, we took the client back to first principles and implemented our content marketing planning methodology.

We began by asking National Road Transport Association the simple question of “Why”. Why did they want to adopt a new approach to communication? The answer was simple. They knew technology had given every organisation the ability to be a publisher and to establish direct and trusted relationships with their audiences with content, but weren’t quite sure how to go about it.

We then took them through a thorough analysis of their audience and the communication needs of that audience. We created personas to understand the audience and the questions they were asking.

We then helped select the types of media that would be needed (video, audio, stills, text, graphics), the types of channel they should use (email, website, social, event etc) and a publishing calendar that would help them to stay true to the ambition of their content marketing plan.

We also helped them to assemble a measurement and evaluation framework that would help them to track the success of their content and how it could be related to their overall objectives such as increasing membership.

What worked

They strategy workshops held with Board members and staff members were extremely useful in providing key insights which helped the development of the strategy.

The open and transparent conversations had with the National Road Transport Association’s CEO were important in guiding the project and lead to important information been included in the strategy.


The final product was a plan that contained a number of powerful insights and 31 clear and specific recommendations as to how the National Road Transport Association could improve its communication in order that it could achieve its objectives. The plan and all recommendations were accepted by the Board and are currently been implemented.

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