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#72 Hank Jongen on Centrelink’s massive social media programme

Hank Jongen is the General Manager, Departmental Spokesperson for the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Human Services (DHS). As the primary spokesperson for DHS, Hank Jongen regularly participates in talkback radio, is interviewed on television and is actively engaged across the spectrum of social media. Hank has been a Senior Australian Public Service Executive for more than 20 years. He has been responsible for national strategies supporting key government reforms and had a major role in the creation of Centrelink. Hank was awarded the Australian Public Service Medal for outstanding public service as Centrelink’s media spokesperson and leading innovations in communication.

“What we are doing is by engaging with people and demonstrating to them that we’re not the cold bureaucracy, slowly but surely we are shaping those perceptions.” -Hank Jongen
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In this episode, you’ll learn:
4:16 Why communication must be timely (or you risk breaking the expectations of citizens)
5:55 How many social media channels does DHS have?
6:14 Why the Facebook page Family Update is so important and how it works
6:49 How DHS used content marketing to reduce call centre costs for the Family Tax Benefit
8:12 Why Hank Jongen uses the nine scenarios of the Family Tax Benefit in talkback radio
9:47 The results of the Family Update Facebook page (including using it to answer over 10,000 questions)
10:29 The challenges of content marketing
13:14 Why DHS sponsored a guide dog in the name of communication
23:09 How do you engage business lines to get them on board with content marketing?
26:57 Where does content marketing sit in regards to risk management?
31:10 How do you change attitudes at the Executive level?

“I’m not being too subtle, there’s nothing like a puppy to engage. What we’ve done within the department is we’ve sponsored a guide dog puppy.” -Hank Jongen
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