Ep #14: Strategic Communication and Gamification, Where Two Worlds Collide – with Kerstin Oberprieler

What do you know about ‘gamification’? Or more importantly government gamification? This week on GovComms we talk with Kerstin Oberprieler, a leading expert in the field, about what it means for the future of government communication and audience engagement.

While it may appear as an odd concept, it’s something that’s always been around us. Whether it’s frequent flyer miles, points at your favourite retailer or your Fitbit, gamified systems are all around you. And what Kerstin and her company PentaQuest are trying to achieve is integrating it into much more than just a loyalty system and audience engagement.

More than just sharing photos and videos, gamification engages your audience and embeds them into your content giving them a personal, hands-on experience. Find out how the inner-workings of gamification fit perfectly into strategic communication by looking at specific Australian Government examples.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Government gamification, where two worlds collide
  • The similarities between strategic gamification and communication
  • What gamification looks like in the real world – online and offline
  • Government examples of gamification to reach niche, specific audiences
  • Gamification as a tool to enhance external and internal communication

“Your content is in a hyper competitive world, you have to make sure that that content is relevant to that audience, and is delivered to them in the channel that they prefer, at the time that they want it, in the format that they want it. Now, it’s a big challenge and it’s a big change and it’s why this capability needs to be built over time, but that’s where government has to get to.

Government has to become better at telling their stories so they can start to rebuild the trust deficit that there is in democratically elected institutions around the world.” – David Pembroke, Founder and CEO of contentgroup