Live Audio is coming to Facebook

Live Audio is coming to Facebook

A new way of communicating with audiences will soon be available to anyone with a Facebook page and a smartphone.

Just before Christmas Facebook announced the introduction of Live Audio, which lets mobile device users broadcast audio straight to their news feed. Listeners can message questions in real time for an interactive radio experience.

Facebook users already have access to Live Video with similar interactivity, but Live Audio gives an alternative channel for publishers who want to tell their story without pictures. We can see this service being a useful tool for public sector organisations, where events or interviews can be shared live. It also means we can share live content where low internet bandwidth might not sustain a live video feed.


In some situations, the need for video is superfluous, and with this tool you won’t have to hold your phone up in the air during an event.

Live Audio will add another channel of public engagement for public sector entities. Government authorities and agencies will be able to broadcast directly to their public users, in the manner of a tailored radio broadcast. It could be very useful during emergencies, for example.

The service is currently being tested and Facebook says it will be available early in 2017.

Facebook’s announcement page

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