The social media statistics we can’t ignore

The social media statistics we can’t ignore

For government, connecting with citizens is no longer as simple as sending a letter or holding a town hall style meeting. Since the introduction of social media, users have flocked to sign up to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

US Government Social Media Conference (GSMCON) conference advisor Jay Socol says “social media enables citizens to engage with government from their home, workplace – anywhere they’re carrying their mobile device.”

In Australia, state and territory police have taken to using social media to connect with citizens. Whether it’s to send updates on police operations or to appeal for witnesses, police have taken to social media with enthusiasm.

In fact, Australia’s state and territories’ policing Facebook pages alone combine to have over 240 million likes.

At contentgroup, our content communication method focuses on the importance of undertaking research and discovery in order to understand the wants and needs of your audience. From there, you can choose the right channels for your audience.

By following this process, you define where your audiences are online based on their interests. For example, one organisation might have an audience who mostly use Twitter, whereas another might find their target audience on a more visual platform such as Instagram.

Using a considered approach to defining your audiences and your social media channels will ensure you aren’t wasting time and resources using channels that aren’t appropriate.

We created this infographic of some the most popular social media platforms usage statistics to help you consider your own approach. If you still aren’t convinced that social media is for you, we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves.


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