Employees hold the keys to your reputation

Employees are the key to your reputation

Employees are the key to your reputation and brand.

They drive your reputation because they are the ‘touchpoint’.

Your staff are the ones who interact with citizens, stakeholders and other government officials.

Your entire reputation is balanced on that single touchpoint, that single employee.

So how can you make sure he/she says the right things? How can you make sure they talk positively about your organisation?

You can’t make anyone say anything. All you can do is influence.

The most influential factor when it comes to what your employees talk about relates to whether or not they are satisfied with their workplace.

A satisfied employee will talk positively about your organisation.

New research on Bank Saderat Iran, the country’s national bank, published in the Canadian Center for Science and Education’s International Journal of Marketing Studies found a clear relationship between internal communication and employee satisfaction and an equally strong relationship between employee satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth.

“Results indicated that internal marketing measures taken by this bank had a direct, positive and significant effect on the job satisfaction of the employees and an indirect, positive and significant effect on their word-of-mouth.”

“Satisfied employees will present their own organisation in a pleasant and good manner. They will be proud of being part of it. They will recommend it, its services and goods to others, especially to those who are in direct contact with them. For example, in the service sector, frontline employees who deliver services to customers have an important role in communicating organisational values to them.”*

In his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, Jonah Berger describes word-of-mouth as the most important of all communication and marketing efforts.

This can be achieved through employee engagement and internal communications.

Gallup and Dale Carnegie Training have shown a strong relationship between employee engagement and organisational performance outcomes, such as customer ratings, quality of product, productivity, profitability and employee turnover.

Arguably, half of Gallup’s famous Q12 survey, which summarises employee engagement using 12 factors, are issues of communication – understanding expectations, receiving recognition and encouragement, feeling invested in the vision, feeling like their opinions count, and receiving feedback.

The UK Government’s Internal Communications (IC) Space sums this up: “For customer-facing organisations, internal communication and engagement is probably more important than any other communication discipline. And in every part of the public service it sits at the heart of reputation management.”

Simply put, make an employee’s life better and they will reward you with a world-class reputation.

If you want to improve your organisation’s reputation, send this to your supervisor.

* Quote slightly edited for readability.

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