Three benefits of using LinkedIn effectively for public servants

linkedin public servants

LinkedIn’s campaign You’re closer than you think was designed to encourage every member of the global workforce to use their platform to pursue careers that fill them with a sense of purpose.

Serving the public is certainly a career that is purposeful.

Many public servants may think that LinkedIn is irrelevant to them due to the nature of their work and the unnecessary need to sell their services or make a business deal.

However, public servants at all levels should be using LinkedIn to embrace opportunities to learn, grow and connect.


LinkedIn is a great resource for research and discovery.

LinkedIn Pulse is a relatively new addition to the platform where you can read articles published by industry thought leaders and discover popular content that is tailored to your interests and/or specific industry.

Groups on LinkedIn are another important tool for learning and professional development. Joining relevant groups enables you to participate in discussions and learn from other like-minded professionals.


While LinkedIn Pulse and participating in groups on LinkedIn are great ways to discover new learnings, they are also beneficial in growing your own professional identity.

Your online LinkedIn portfolio and publishing on LinkedIn can assist you to become recognised as a thought leader.

Publishing an opinion piece on LinkedIn is incredibly simple but also powerful in establishing yourself as an influencer in your field. Similarly, participating in group discussion can also lead to becoming a recognisable authority on your preferred topics.


LinkedIn is an effective platform to use to connect with like-minded professionals and those that can help you with your professional development.

It is a virtual networking tool where you can build new contacts and re-connect with previous networks.

LinkedIn also provides you with the opportunity to continue a professional relationship with former colleagues and associates.

Regardless of profession, interests or networking requirements all public servants should embrace LinkedIn as an important professional development tool.

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