What makes a good designer/client relationship?

What makes a good designer/client relationship?

A good designer/client relationship is built around trust, as most relationships are.

It can be tricky to navigate this particular type of relationship in a business setting if you have never worked with a designer before.

Though designers may seem off the traditional beaten path, working with them doesn’t have to be. People tend to glamourise graphic design or photography, but both trades are surprisingly regimented. At the end of the day, designers are problem solvers, so they need the same level of communication as anyone else you work with.

Here are 3 tips for building a successful designer/client relationship:

1. Be brutally honest when giving feedback

Because design work is creative, it may feel like you are giving a personal attack when you deliver harsh feedback, but this is not the case. Designers are used to criticism. A client/designer relationship is more successful when there is total transparency on both sides because this allows the designer to tweak the designs according to your specific needs.

2. Trust your designer

A good designer will listen to their client and take his or her desires to heart when creating a design. Likewise, a client must trust that the designer can successfully execute the project. The client must give the designer space and time to accomplish the task and trust that the visuals she is creating are in line with contemporary and effective practice. Trust between both parties allows for highly creative solutions. 

3. Maintain constant communication

Constant communication on both sides is essential in this type of relationship. When each party is aware of the progress of the project at hand, there is no room for tension or doubt. Feel free to call or email your designer if you have questions about the project. Likewise, your designer should call and update you often. Sending images of other projects you like also gives your designer more clarity about what you are looking for, so don’t hesitate to send collateral as inspiration strikes.

To wrap up, a good relationship relies on both parties to have open communication which leads to a mutual trust and respect. If you would like any design queries answered, please email me at libby.coy@contentgroup.com.au

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