Three benefits of Facebook advertising

Three benefits of Facebook advertising

With over a billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook is certainly a platform that must be utilised for connecting with your desired audience.

However, Facebook regularly changes its algorithm, meaning it can be difficult for your published post to achieve ultimate results.

That’s where Facebook advertising comes in to play. For minimal cost and effort you can achieve excellent results.

Here are three benefits of Facebook advertising:

1. Custom target audience

Facebook advertising allows you to choose what audience you want to see and engage with your ad.

It can be as large as the whole of Australia or as small as a tiny country town. You can target your ad at people who speak another language or those who like dogs. The options are endless but all come down to who your desired audience is.

Word of mouth recommendations are an extremely beneficial way of promoting a product or event. When customising your target audience on Facebook advertising you can choose to target the friends of your already existing audience – a great way to cash in on the effectiveness of word of mouth.

2. Control over the look, content and objective of your advertisement

When advertising on Facebook you have multiple options. You’re not limited to a square image on the side of the page. You can advertise an event with the objective to get more people attending or place money to boost a video, with the aim to get more views.

Perhaps you have written a really good blog as part of your editorial calendar? You can sponsor your Facebook post relating to the blog and encourage more people to head to your website and read it.

3. Cost effective

Regardless of how little or much you spend on Facebook, advertising it is extremely effective.

Compared to other online advertising options, Facebook has a relatively low cost-per-click rate. For as little as a few dollars a day you will see impressive results.

If you’re publishing regularly on Facebook but not seeing the results you would like I would encourage you to take the time to create a Facebook ad and see the difference this can make.

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