2016 Internship Program Underway

2016 Internship Program Underway

contentgroup has been running its internship program for public relations, marketing and communication students in Canberra for the past decade and applications are now open for 2016.

contentgroup works for a number of clients across Canberra providing services in strategic communication, public relations, social media, blog writing, video creation and graphic design.

We wish to engage with interns who are not just looking to complete the requirements for their degree, but who are willing to show their enthusiasm for working in the industry and improving their skills.

You will have the desire to come into work each day, and be enthusiastic to share ideas, listen and learn.

An internship at contentgroup will give you exposure to the day-to-day operations of a communications agency, with students given the opportunity to work across a range of projects, while building on their practical skills that will equip them for their careers.

Placements are available from February 1 through until December.

Please note that applicants must be eligible to enrol in their university’s internship unit to undertake this placement.

Please send all enquiries through to Head of Consulting, David Polglase, at david.polglase@contentgroup.com.au

Each week a staff member puts pen to paper to write about an aspect of content communication that speaks to them, and hopefully, informs you. This is a space where our passion for writing, learning and sharing information comes to shine.

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