contentgroup Highlights 2015

contentgroup Highlights 2015

2015 is quickly coming to a close and it’s been a fantastic year in the contentgroup office.

We began the year with nine staff members and have grown to a team of fourteen people.

In this blog our staff members highlight their favourite projects and moments from the year.

David Polglase – Head of Consulting
2015 went by even quicker than 2014. While it is hard to pinpoint just one highlight, delivering another successful Floriade PR campaign, coupled with the completion of content marketing strategies for ACT Health and CSIRO definitely rank highly.

Building out the capabilities and strength of the contentgroup team has also been a personal highlight and I believe we are in a great place to achieve even more success in 2016 with the staff we have in place. We have a group of very talented employees with skills in a diverse range of areas and it’s a pleasure working with them every day.

Ben Curry –  Head of Production
In 2015, I was privileged to help many inspiring people to tell their story through video. Although most of our clients are from the public sector, their stories can still have a personal appeal, and that is why video can connect with community so well.

Some highlights of the year were: working with Medicines Australia to share some positive stories about surviving illness, developing new in-house animation capability to explain the Federal Government’s White Paper on Northern Australia, and editing more than 22 hours of audio for contentgroup’s podcast.

It’s been an exciting year, and there are still so many more stories to tell.

Suki Sadik – Manager Innovation and Business Development
It’s been an extremely productive 2015 and there are too many highlights for me to choose from, but some of them would be: developing and putting cginnovation in motion, adding the data wing to the services we offer at contentgroup, being involved with the announcement of the Bachelor of Journalism majoring in Content Marketing at the University of Canberra, creating the curriculum for the Masterclass for the Public Sector, being actively involved with contentgroup’s publishing platforms and last but not the least, being able to sit amongst such a diverse blend of people at the contentgroup.

It’s exciting to know that with the addition of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic team we will be able to empower ourselves further in creating solutions for the public sector using evidence based research, which I am so glad to be a part of.

None of what I’m proud of would have been possible without the team at contentgroup. Each team member brings a wide array of knowledge and expertise to the things we do day in and day out.

Sophie McKerchar – Senior Content Strategist
The highlight of the year for me was seeing content marketing starting to be included in government tenders.  It has been great to demonstrate the benefits of how content marketing can help government agencies effectively engage with their citizens.

I have been, and am still involved in a few content marketing projects for government departments and it’s exciting to see the change in the way the public sector is starting to look at communication.

Natassja Hoogstad Hay – Senior Content Strategist
My highlight for 2015 would have to be joining contentgroup in June this year, and bringing my experience in different areas of communications and marketing together under the umbrella of content marketing. I haven’t come across a similar framework that so successfully brings together online and offline activity while making use of the amazing technology we have today.

It’s been great working with the incredibly talented contentgroup team to deliver this amazing service to our clients. Bring on 2016!

Libby Coy – Graphic Designer
My highlight was finishing the Built on Strong Foundations Defence Housing Australia commemorative publication and watching it go to print.

We worked on the project for over six months and to see it get published was something I will never forget.

A surprise for me in 2015 was learning that people were willing to watch videos for more than 30 seconds and value longer forms of content.

Samir Mane – Content Strategist
It’s been a tremendous year at contentgroup. I kick-started 2015 helping promote the Asian Cup, and it was a special feeling seeing so many soccer fans take part in the spectacle knowing that I had played a part in raising awareness for the tournament.

Being involved in the announcement of the first ever Bachelor of Journalism majoring in Content Marketing from the University of Canberra was memorable and it was a rush live-tweeting from Canberra while Content Marketing Institute, CEO Joe Pulizzi announced the degree at Content Marketing World from Cleveland, Ohio.

To then be involved in the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic team at  contentgroup was just the icing on top of a great year.

Lydia Stevens – Content Strategist
The highlight of my year was (genuinely) arriving at Floriade at 4:30am, inadequately dressed, subsequently freezing and watching live breakfast TV unfold before me in the form of ABC TV’s weather crosses (the beautiful sunrise over Commonwealth Park wasn’t bad, either) on the launch day for the event.

Working on Floriade with the fantastic team over at Events ACT was a huge learning curve in 2015.  Ready for more curves in 2016!

Amy Pyett – Content Strategist
2015 has been a huge year, we have grown so much as a company and also individually. For me, one of the highlights of 2015 has been winning my first tender. I was able to take charge of this project and Barlens has become my work baby! I’m so excited to help them reach new heights in 2016 off of the back of their 50th anniversary.

Jo Simunic – Junior Marketing Technologist
The highlight of my year was being selected to work at contentgroup.

Under the ACT government’s STEM program, I’ll assist in providing data-driven decisions to help grow and strengthen contentgroup; I’ll also gain great industry experience and contacts doing so.

I’ve already produced some potential services for contentgroup and they’ve been received well. As I’m new to the industry, I was fairly surprised to see a need for more STEM people in creative spaces. After a couple of weeks though, it’s obvious that this is the path things are going down. Data driven, evidence based decisions will eclipse hunches and experience eventually, and technical skills will be needed to do this. Getting new people in the space or existing people in the space acquiring these technical skills will happen.

Each week a staff member puts pen to paper to write about an aspect of content communication that speaks to them, and hopefully, informs you. This is a space where our passion for writing, learning and sharing information comes to shine.

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