Five common Twitter mistakes that you probably don’t know you’re making

Five common Twitter mistakes that you probably don’t know you’re making

Twitter is a cost effective communication platform that can be a great way to engage with your target audiences.

With approximately 2,800,000 active Australians users, you should be using the Twitter platform to your full advantage. However, this is not always the case.

Here are five common Twitter mistakes that could be impacting on your engagement:

Auto post to Facebook (and vice-versa)

While Facebook and Twitter are extremely effective communication platforms they both have completely different purposes.

There is nothing worse than seeing an organisation’s half written Facebook post on their Twitter feed or a Tweet full of hashtags on their Facebook profile.

When you’re publishing on Twitter make sure that all your content is specifically written for the platform.

You privately reply to a user rather than sharing with all your followers

When mentioning another user at the beginning of a Tweet or replying to a Tweet put a full stop in front of their username e.g. .@sophiemckerchar so that the Tweet is visible to all your followers, not just the person you have tagged in your Tweet.

Too many hashtags

I personally like to use two hashtags within a Tweet depending on how long they are.

I would recommend using no more than three hashtags per tweet as they can become hard to read and get your message across.

Rapid Tweeting

Rapid Tweeting is when you publish lots of Tweets all in one go. This means that when a follower looks at their Twitter feed they will see all of your tweets lined up in a row and no variety.

This is a pretty easy way to get yourself unfollowed. If you’re short of time you can use a third party scheduling app such as Hootsuite to roll your tweets out over a period of time.

Use of full URL

With a 140 character limit it can be hard to get everything you want to say into your Tweet.

Link shortener tools such as Bitly can be used to shorten your URL so that you have more characters available to write your message.

Remove these mistakes from your Twitter activity and you should notice your engagement begin to rise.

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