5 tips to write an effective piece of content

5 tips to write an effective piece of content

One of the most important skills for any content marketer is the ability to write well.  Writing well enables you to effectively engage with your audience.

In episode 16 of the InTransition podcast, David Pembroke spoke with Matt Fenwick from True North Writing who shared some valuable insights that can be used to help you improve your writing.

The first tip Matt shared is it’s not all about you.

Before you start writing it is important to discover “what are the questions that your audience wants to have answered?”

What you’re writing will be effective if you’re answering the questions in the minds of the audience that you’re seeking to influence.

His second tip is to have a template for the type of content you want to write.

This template would include starting with a clear description of what you’re talking about, headings in particular places and sections for where extra details are needed. No matter how complex the writing task is a template will enable you to get started and develop useful copy.

Another tip Matt disclosed is writing a dodgy first draft.

A dodgy first draft is all about getting your ideas down on paper. Matt recommends writing the first couple of sentences for each paragraph and sketching your content in order to assess whether it flows properly. A dodgy first draft means that there is no pressure to be perfect; you just need to create something you can start with.

After you have written your copy it is important to get someone else to edit your work for you.

Matt suggests getting someone who hasn’t been a part of that particular project to edit your work to ensure that it is presented as effectively and as clearly as possible.

Finally, in order to write effectively for your audience, one of the hardest but most helpful tips is to realise that structures help. It makes it easier to be creative when you’re not worried about a basic structure.

For more insights and helpful tips on how to write an effective piece of content have a listen to the podcast.

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