Why government should be using Facebook Dark Posts

Why government should be using Facebook Dark Posts

Lately there have been quite a number of people grumbling at Facebook’s algorithm changes.

Sure, the changes aren’t the friendliest thing to ever happen to online advertising, but we have to remember Facebook is a business and it has made its intention clear: if you want to play, you have to pay.

There is some help out there though, courtesy of our friends at Facebook.

Introducing: Facebook Dark Posts

A Facebook Dark Post is a post created with special features. Dark Posts are news feed style ads that don’t appear on your page’s timeline or in your fans’ feeds organically. This allows you to add special targeting to a post so you can cater your messages to a specific audience.

How do you create a Facebook Dark Post?

You will need to use Power Editor and you will have to use Google Chrome to access Power Editor. Facebook created a video for Dark Posts. It’s quite outdated and the Power Editor doesn’t look anything like that anymore, but it will give you a good idea on how it works.

The real value of Facebook Dark Posts is its ability to allow you to run A/B tests. You can create five versions of an ad, promote them with a small budget to 10 different target groups, analyse which ad worked best and boost the most successful one with a bigger budget.

Why Use Facebook Dark Posts?

Facebook Dark Posts allows for a more effective way to promote your blog to a different target audience than the ones who already like your page. This way you are bringing value to new customers instead of just asking for their business. They will trust you as an expert, which will lead to them engaging with you when they need what you are selling.

What are the benefits of Facebook Dark Posts for government?

It gets even better though. The traditional method of advertising dictates that the only way to reach an audience on Facebook was to target advertising by location, language, gender, age, relationship status, education status and gender you’re interested in. However, with Facebook Dark Posts you can target advertising using all of these things and target your audience by what they’re interested in (ie. politics, government or social issues) and the industry they work in.

This allows you to take your advertising from targeted to highly-targeted. It’s like Google AdWords for the Facebook news feed.


I can’t tell you the right price for the ads, that’s all dependent on supply and demand and the objective of your strategy, but for the team at contentgroup, our objective is always to drive traffic onto our website and increase our e-mail subscribers. Our advice, as ever, is to keep testing, evaluating and implementing what you have learnt.

Social media is always in transition and there will never be a fool-proof, one-size-fits-all answer. But our advice, go out and educate yourself about Facebook Dark Posts and then add it to your arsenal of online advertising tools; you won’t regret it.

Watch the tutorial: 


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