How measurement drives content marketing success in government

How measurement drives content marketing success in government

How do you know if you’ve achieved your goals without first figuring out what success looks like?

The answer is that you can’t.

Defining how you’ll measure success is one of the core foundations of any content marketing strategy.

In a recent podcast, contentgroup founder and CEO David Pembroke spoke with Scott Burns, founder and CEO of GovDelivery.

GovDelivery is a digital communication platform tailored to government needs. Since starting out in 2000 delivering snow updates to their local community, GovDelivery now serves 1100 different government organisations across the US, the UK and the EU.

In the podcast, Scott says that what makes government agencies stand out in their content marketing efforts is being clear from the outset on what success looks like.

“The most successful agencies are defining success in measurable results before they start to pursue a content marketing strategy,” said Scott.

Government agencies need to move beyond just distributing information and publishing content as metrics. Success must be measured and defined in terms of the action you want a citizen to take.

“As you think more strategically about what you want people to do, you actually make better decisions about how to use content marketing to achieve that objective.”

Setting the right measurable objectives means going beyond communication objectives to look at the bigger picture within your agency.

“The best communicators don’t ask how they can achieve communication objectives, but rather what are the program objectives and what changes do we want people to make,” says Scott.

This in turn helps to demonstrate the value of content marketing as more than digital marketing or public relations, but an “enabler to your mission and to your programs”.

Adopting a marketing funnel approach, like that used for sales in the private sector, can help government agencies figure out what they’re working towards in terms of the action they want citizens to take.

“Once you know what’s at the bottom of the funnel you can start to align the metrics. And then, you set expectations with people that, ‘we’re not going to measure your metrics only. We’re not just measuring clicks and opens. We’re measuring results.’”

With over 100 million people from various parts of the world receiving updates through GovDelivery, Scott says it’s clear that content marketing works for government.

“We have the data. We know people are interested in what government has to produce and what government has to say because in many cases, it’s incredibly relevant information.”

For more valuable insights from the founder of GovDelivery tune in to the episode of InTransition.

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