Top Blogs of 2014

Top Blogs of 2014

This year was a huge step forward for contentgroup publishing.

We committed ourselves to publishing every day. Not just the working week. Every day of the week.

Our reason was simple. We wanted to help our users in their everyday lives. Not just through content marketing advice.

As we are only a team of 12 at contentgroup, we got a group of guest bloggers on board to help us achieve this goal. Thanks again to Adele Armstrong, Adrian Hall, Bob Crawshaw, Brian Byrnes, Byron Little, Craig Thomler, Dave Hohnke, Em Nicholson, Emi Styles, Grant Alleyn, Jack Jessen, Kate Pembroke, Kristian Bonnici, Michael Miller, Peter Ring, Richard Grainger, Rod Farrar and Vivienne Mitchell for your contributions.

We are blown away by the success of this regular publishing. To help improve the results even more we upped the tempo of our contentgroup newsletter from weekly to monthly and increased our ratio of tweets per day which returned over 800 retweets.

The result was over 21,000 users visited the website with over 70,000 page views – a 150% increase on the 2013 results.

We will continue to build on this with a wider variety of content, but the same regular consistency of publishing.

Here are the top 30 blogs for 2014:

  1. How Commonwealth Bank nailed content marketing this summer
  2. The psychology of typography
  3. The best time to send an EDM
  4. Why our blog failed
  5. 6 content marketing insights from Bruce Springsteen
  6. Body building and the truth behind content marketing
  7. Australia’s Top 10 Twitter users – how and why
  8. How Labor used content marketing to win the Victorian election
  9. Stand Clear… 3, 2, 1… Detonate your comms team
  10. Social media crimes
  11. Live webcast: content marketing for not-for-profits
  12. How to remember someone’s name
  13. How the World Cup can build your company culture
  14. What your email sign-off really says about you
  15. Why Singapore is a great place to start a business
  16. ACT Government smacks it out of the digital park
  17. contentgroup 2014 predictions
  18. Decoding Twitter – what does it all mean?
  19. What’s your elevator pitch?
  20. Eat the frog – managing your time
  21. How having a baby is like a PR campaign
  22. A best man’s guide to organising a bucks weekend
  23. Great examples of content marketing in Government
  24. The day the earth shook for my son
  25. 9 tips that will help you get the best out of your Gen Y workers
  26. Sponsorship – you’re doing it wrong
  27. What we can learn from the selfie that broke Twitter
  28. Creating brand awareness using content marketing
  29. 4 ways Michelle Bridges used content marketing for success
  30. Top government tweets of 2014

Over the Christmas break we will be reliving these articles on our Facebook and Twitter pages. So stay tuned and comment to let us know what you think.

Which was your favourite article?

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