contentgroup 2015 Predictions

contentgroup 2015 Predictions

It’s our last week in the office and so it’s time to reflect and look forward.

We recently reflected on our 2014 predictions to determine who was right and who was wrong.

Now we look forward to 2015 and how the industry will transform once again.

Amy – Communication degrees will become more prevalent and respected 

There is a distinct lack of specific communications degrees within in some of our country’s best universities.

With spreading understanding of the importance, effectiveness and need for new communication processes such as content marketing, the demand for communication professionals is increasing.

I predict Universities will adapt to this demand either offering more communications related degrees/units or updating current offerings to reflect advancements in communication techniques.

People’s eyes are being opened to the art and science behind effective communications.

An overhaul in the current communication courses will maintain relevancy and ensure graduates have the adequate skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively enter the communications industry.

David – Content marketing to be adopted by Government as the best way to engage citizens.

This prediction is completely self-serving I know but its true. With the Treasurer Joe Hockey calling for “better marketing” and the Reserve Bank Govenor Glenn Stevens saying the government needs to establish a better platform from which to explain its policies, telling the government’s story will be a priority.

While traditional media remains an influential and important channel, content marketing will government to adopt a strategic, accountable and measurable process to their communication to go direct to citizens.

The words content marketing will slowly be accepted as the best way to describe this important and influential business practice.

Grace – An emergence of content marketing in ministerial offices 

Technology has changed the way the world communicates…

In 2015 ministerial offices will begin to see that a content marketing approach can help to not only reach but to engage key audiences. Ministerial offices will realise the ineffectiveness of distributing self-interested information and start to understand how content marketing builds trust and an engaged audience.

Ministerial offices will start talking to their audiences not at them- building understanding, trust and engagement. Content distribution will start to answer the questions of the audience and unveil itself as useful, valuable and shareable.

Jamie – People will spend more on amplifying than creating content

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about whether Facebook advertising was evil or effective.

It spoke about how we spend so much time and resources on creating content that we should take advantage of modern advertising amplification to get value from our content.

I think this will be more prevalent in 2015 than ever before. Facebook advertising allows you to target your advertising down to minute details. Outbrain allows you to reach a broad audience based on similar interests. Twitter advertising can put your content in front of thousands of new users quickly and easily too.

So think about it. If you spend $1,000 on creating a great video, spend the extra $20 to make sure it gets seen by your audience. It will make it worthwhile.

Katherine – Video content will continue to increase in importance

I think that video as a content marketing medium will continue to increase in 2015. In particular, I see corporate websites using video in place of the ‘about us’ section, using the medium to present goods/services offerings and company values.

If we’re talking numbers, I predict that the amount of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute will increase by another 50% next year. So that’s 150 hours of content uploaded every minute by the end of 2015.

Kelly – The world of content marketing in Australia will continue to grow

The world of content marketing in Australia will continue to grow as organisations (private, public, NFP) recognise the value in planning their communication approach

This targeted approach will enable organisations to fully utilise their internal capacity to achieve more effective outcomes.

Samir – Content marketing will win Justin Trudeau the Canadian election

With the Canadian Federal Election due next year, I predict that Justin Trudeau will come from behind to win their election.

Trudeau’s team has already proven to be savvy when it comes to branding and marketing his policies. Trudeau won the Liberal leadership by amassing a massive online following, so expect his team to implement a stronger content marketing strategy as citizens head closer into the polling booths.

Following the campaign model of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Trudeau hire either advertising or marketing giants Ogilvy & Mathers or McCann World Group. Mitch Stewart, former US President Barack Obama’s media campaign organiser has already began advising the Trudeau team.

Sophie – Skills of communications professionals will need to be broadened

As the world changes, so too does the skill set requirements for communications professionals.

Previously you could rely on being a talented writer and good communicator, but as content marketing progresses you will need more skills than ever before.

You need to understand how to run the back end of a website, how to write for Search Engine Optimisation, how to edit a video or podcast, how to run social media channels and how to use analytics tools to measure and evaluate the results.

We will see a prominence of multi-skilled professionals in 2015 and beyond.

Photo: Sean McGrath

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