Spring cleaning your social media profiles

Spring cleaning your social media profiles

Have you let your Twitter profile rot?

Is your Facebook profile revealing too much to the public?

Is your blog or website as out of date as your undies wardrobe?

Does your LinkedIn profile include your first job at Pizza Hut?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then it’s time to give your social media profiles a spring clean.

As the season changes, there is no better time to spend an hour observing how you look to the outside world online and determine whether you are comfortable with it.

Update your privacy on Facebook

Facebook turned ten this year. Now while it was a few years later until it grew in popularity in Australia, many of you will have had your Facebook profile for over five years.

More than half of adults say they don’t actively think about the consequences of their online activities, and 69 per cent don’t understand how to use their social media privacy settings.

If you aren’t sure who can see what your profile looks like or who can see your posts then take a walk with the friendly Facebook dinosaur which will allow you to do a ‘Privacy Checkup’.

Facebook Privacy Checkup

This will allow you to see exactly who can see your posts; whether that is Public, Friends, Friends except Acquaintances, Only Me or Custom.

We’ve all seen those annoying messages where someone has asked you to join Candy Crush or the levels people have achieved publish straight to their profile. But do you know what Apps have access to your profile? The next step in the Privacy Checkup shows you which Apps you have used over time and who can see posts related to the App. If you have any set to “Public” or “Friends”, then I highly suggest changing it to “Only Me”.

Lastly, review your profile and who can see the information about you. This section relates to your email address, birthday and year of birth, home town and relationship information. If you would prefer for this information to stay private, then once again change the settings to “Only Me”.

Update your job description

Take the opportunity to update your job description on LinkedIn.

Often we only go back and edit these profiles when we are looking for work, but LinkedIn is so much more than a head hunters paradise now. With an up to date profile you might connect with someone who can help you on a project, work in partnership or introduce you to an opportunity for new work.

So take a look and see if you are comfortable with what your profiles currently say about you.

Make lists on Twitter

The longer you are on Twitter, the larger the number of people you will inevitably end up following.

To make a better user experience for you on Twitter, utilise the lists functionality. You can add people to public lists (can be seen by anyone) or private (only you can see) which means you can then look at niche streams where you know that those users will be talking about a specific topic.

You can do this directly on Twitter, but I use the third party tool Hootsuite to keep track of conversations. My streams include digital marketing, social media, friends and sport.

Refresh your photo

We all like to keep young, but is it time you changed that LinkedIn profile photo you used when you signed up seven years ago?

A photo makes a huge impression and I always encourage people on social media to use their own photo rather than the generic egg on Twitter or silhouette on LinkedIn. You will build far more trust online if you use your own image.

Twitter Egg

Delete, delete, delete

We all remark how silly celebrities look when they get busted posting immature photos online, but have you ever thought about how old photos might damage your own personal brand?

The Internet can be a very visible place if you aren’t careful and it won’t just be potential employers staking your Facebook profiles. Your social media profiles are just a Google search away.

Often someone looking to connect professionally might also take a look around, so for someone my age its worthwhile making sure old party photos stick between friends, or get deleted.

It’s also worth scanning over your previous Facebook posts and Tweets. You’ll quickly realise whether you still want those thoughts to be left online.

Review Administrator Roles

If you run a Business or Organisation page on Facebook its worthwhile taking a look to see who still has access to post to your page. If an employee has left the organisation then you should remove their access to the page.

These are my tips to spring clean your social media profile. Do you have any others? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo: Stéfan

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