Consistency is King

Consistency is King

Consistency is King.

I know many of you have heard the saying “Content is King”. You can also make an argument for context and strategy as King.

But I’d like to nominate consistency to wear the crown.

Building an audience is slow, painstaking work.

You have to find ways to always add value to your community.

But along with imaginative thinking and clever production, we can learn another habit and skill of the great publishers and broadcasters.

And that’s consistency of distribution.

The newspapers knew that by publishing regular, compelling content, they could build consumption habits in their audiences. I know from my earliest years, the misery of looking outside to see the front lawn clear of the daily paper or worse still the fruitless search through the bushes to see if the prize had landed somewhere else from a misdirected throw. I was addicted and I wanted my paper NOW!!!!!!

It’s no different for you.

Whether you like it or not, you are now in the publishing business. That is a gift of technology.

How you choose to use that gift is up to you but please make the decision in the full knowledge that many of your competitors are using content to build relationships with your clients as you sleep.

They are competing for a share of the scarce attention of an audience who now choose what they read, listen to or view on the device and time of their choosing.

The customer or citizen, depending on whether you work in business or Government, is now in control.

They now have millions of sources of information, education and entertainment to choose from.

Your job is to grab a slice of this hyper competitive attention market.

Not only do you have to make sure that you have something worthwhile to say, but to grab their attention, you have to publish regularly. You have build consumption habits in your audience.

I know for many the thought of creating regular, valuable content is daunting.

My advice is to start with what you feel you can manage. If it’s once a week, great. If it’s once a month, that’s okay too. But whatever it is, start a publishing cycle you can stick to.

I use the analogy of a juggler. Someone who starts with two balls and as he or she finds confidence, they insert a third ball and then a fourth. In content marketing those balls represent a type of content or a new channel on your platform.

The key is to find and sustain a rhythm and not drop the ball.

I’ve just returned from the fourth edition of Content Marketing World, the greatest show on the planet for content marketers. And it was a beauty. I’m more convinced than ever that content marketing is the way, the truth and the light for any business, Government or NGO with a story to tell and objective to achieve.

Over the next few weeks I will start writing up some of my insights which I hope will be useful to you in your publishing efforts.

But one small thing before I go.

I left Cleveland and flew via Dallas to Brisbane and then home to Canberra.

Along the way I was struck by the pervasiveness of mobile smart phones.

You may say “Thanks for that Captain Obvious”, but it was just something that struck me. It was everyone. And I mean everyone. Grandmas and Grandpas, teens, business people, children, students and parents. They all had devices, self selecting the content they wanted to consume at that particular time and place. Heads down, thumbs at the ready.

I suppose the insight is that the people who you need to reach to achieve your policy, program or business objective are there.

They are on the grid.

Your challenge is to create content that will earn you a share of their scarce attention.

Creating value and being consistently present is a great place to start.

If you’ve read to the end, thanks for giving me a small part of your week.

I appreciate it.

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