5 tips to improve your two way communication online

5 tips to improve your two way communication online

Sometimes people don’t fully understand the importance of two way communication.

We like interacting with other humans and get frustrated when we don’t get that opportunity.

Who hasn’t sworn when being stuck on the end of the phone trying to get information out of a voice recording?

I know I have.

Two way communication is more important than ever. Whether you are a manager at work communicating with your staff members, working in a shop and serving a customer or teaching a class at school, both speaking, but also listening in return is vital.

When it comes to social media this is no different.

Social media is an important interface for companies, organisations and Government departments. It provides an opportunity to speak with your audience in a human, personalised manner and is a great way of sharing important information that the audience wants to hear.

Here are five tips to improving your two way communication on social media.

1. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback

Being paranoid of criticism holds a lot of companies back online. The risk adverse nature of many companies, and indeed Government departments, prevents the opportunity of gaining all the advantages from communicating online.

Negatives can often be positives because it can point out a flaw or perspective that has not been considered previously.

2. Respond to all feedback

You should respond to all feedback from your audiences on social media. Ignoring comments does not send the right message – even if you don’t agree with what has been said.

3. Think before you speak

An oldie but a goodie. Just like in normal day to day conversation, opening your mouth before considering your response, never turns out well.

Even though it is important to respond in a timely manner, make sure you have listened and interpreted your audience’s view, before diving into a response.

4. Thank people

Thanking your audience for their comments is good for you, but it is also good for them. People like being thanked and it opens the opportunity to engage in a more constructive conversation.

5. Don’t be rude

Being rude or defensive to comments on your social media page does more harm than good. Even if the view infuriates you, keep an open mind and respond in a way that makes you the bigger person.

These are five simple steps, but make sure you follow them so you create more effective engagement with your customers and audience online.

Do you have any other tips you follow? Comment below.

David is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup and possesses a love of writing. While he could write and talk about sport all day, his focus is now on helping public-sector clients tell their stories.

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