The importance of risk taking

The importance of risk taking

You are told from the minute you are old enough to comprehend that you have to take chances to achieve great things in life.

Many of us are just scared to take the initial leap.

I think back to the start of this year. I had just finished university and realised that for the first time in 16 years (12 years of schooling and 4 years of university) that I really had no idea what was ahead of me.

Exciting as it was, it was also pretty confronting.

It is so easy to stick to what you know and be comfortable, but one of my biggest fears is looking back and seeing all the opportunities I have been given and realising I didn’t take any of them.

So my advice is say “yes”.

In May of this year I moved from Brisbane to Canberra to take up an opportunity to work at contentgroup.

And although my stay was only short, I have enjoyed every moment.

I have learnt so much in the last three months and it reminded me just how important it is to take risks, particularly in content marketing.

I thought I would take my personal experience and relate it to content marketing field, where it is also important to take risks.

Taking risks with your content can pay off and help you stand out from what is fast becoming a crowded field.

Famously, an American outdoor clothing company, Patagonia (@patagonia), ran a series of campaigns, “Don’t Buy this Jacket”.

dont buy this jacket

Patagonia, the seller of the jacket, even went to the trouble of explaining why you shouldn’t buy it (because each jacket they produce leaves behind two-thirds of its weight in waste) but answered customers concerns by counteracting this issue by investing in other environmental initiatives.

The risk paid off for Patagonia as annual sales in the following year grew almost 40 per cent!

It was a bold choice and a risky move but is a great example of how honesty pays and how to address issues and take risks in content marketing.

So while taking risks in your content can have many benefits for your business in terms of increased awareness, make sure you leave little room for failure by:

  1. Doing your homework – know you audience and make sure your content is well targeted
  2. Knowing your limits – risk taking with content can go one of two ways so make sure you establish your limits
  3. Gauging your success – the best part about taking risks is knowing what you have got out of it so it is important to have measurements in place that can evaluate your success rate

After all, there is no greater danger in life then playing it safe!

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