Creating brand awareness through content marketing

Creating brand awareness through content marketing

When you speak of branding your organisation, what do you really mean? Your company name? A tag line? The hype that surrounds the brand?

I believe branding is a promise and an expectation between the organisation and the consumers. It is a promise from the organisation to its consumers of delivering the exceptional products and service that the faithful consumers expect. The brands can meet expectation, surpass the expectation or in worst cases fail the expectation.

So what role does content marketing play in brand awareness? I like to coin this as content branding.

Bryan Rhoads, Global Content Strategist for Intel says that today’s web is an endless 24/7 cycle fed by content and social actions. In this cycle, brands are realising that content is currency.

What that means is consumers now actively seek relevant and valuable content. However, you need to be careful that the content that you create appeals to your audience.  So developing content that generates awareness around your brand is the key.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, Subaru, MTV, P&G and American Express have all moved from creative marketing towards content marketing. Content marketing creates content for the brand that is most valuable to the audience and that is most likely to be shared.

Using content marketing tools to create content branding

There are plenty of tools that brands can use for content marketing. From blogs and videos to infographics, your job is to figure out what works best for your brand and then create the best content.

Blogs are a great way to increase brand awareness. An informative blog provides insights, analysis and opinions, therefore, demonstrating your knowledge and your engagement with the consumers.

If the consumers start talking about your content, you are certain to find your brand being talked about as well.

If consumers can relate to or use your content, they are more than likely to associate themselves with your brand and potentially recommend your brand to others.

Similarly, infographics and videos are created to provide a high level of information. However, they add a visual dimension to the information as opposed to a narrative blog that attracts the consumers. Moreover, infographics and videos are produced as they are an easily shared stream of content.

The Storytelling Content Branding

Everyone loves a good story. Stories intrigue us, absorb us and make us want to share them with others.

Telling your brand or your product story by creating the right content can boost your brand awareness, as a good story will spread and be shared.

Whether it’s a blog or a video, you must keep the content appealing and engaging for your audience. The more the consumers find your content appealing the more they are likely to share and spread, therefore raising your brand profile.

Problem Solving Content Branding

Content marketing places the brand in complete control of the content they create or use. As a brand you need to ask yourself, ‘does the content I provide give my consumers the information they need?’

‘Am I answering their questions?’

If your organisation is a bank, creating a simple video or blog based content on the process of buying a house and the range of bank loans available, can help your brand solve problems that potential customers might face.

The aim is to provide them with useful information, and answer their problems. In doing so, your brand has already built a sense of loyalty from your customers. Loyalty and retention are two important aspects of any brand.

Not all types of content can help build brand awareness. However, knowing your target audience, creating awareness by building content tailored to their needs and interests and linking that to your product and services, can certainly raise your organisation’s profile.

Each week a staff member puts pen to paper to write about an aspect of content communication that speaks to them, and hopefully, informs you. This is a space where our passion for writing, learning and sharing information comes to shine.

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