Communications in Government

Communications in Government

There was a line item in the federal budget about communications in the federal government. We do have some direction now as to exactly what the federal government are looking to do in this area. What it is, is a saving of around about 50 million dollars over the next four years.

The description against that 50 million dollars was talking about innovation in public affairs and improvements in internal communication. There was no further description about exactly what that means but my interpretation of that really is that it’s about content marketing and it’s about the innovation of content marketing, and how government departments and agencies use the gift of technology, which is now that they can publish and go direct to the audiences that they’re seeking to influence and to engage with.

I think that we’ll start to see a lot more government departments and government agencies start to take up the challenge of content marketing to deliver greater value to the Australian citizens.

Federal Budget 2014: Communications in Government from contentgroup on Vimeo.

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