3 tips to successfully implement your content marketing strategy

3 tips to successfully implement your content marketing strategy

Content marketing has changed the way we think about communication.

No longer do you need to just concentrate on your core business, you need to also concentrate on being a publisher.

Everyone is online and your target audience wants to hear from you.

At contentgroup we love developing content marketing strategies. We enjoy taking our clients on the journey from discovery, to strategy, to audience personas and exploring the channels that they are going to target.

That’s just half of the job though. We will give you a road map for your communication success, but without commitment to the implementation of your strategy, the objectives will be hard, nigh on impossible, to achieve.

Here are three things you should consider when implementing your content marketing strategy:

1. Commit to resourcing the implementation of your content marketing strategy

An early stage of our content marketing methodology explores the amount of resourcing you will have to dedicate to the project. This decision is crucial. If you have resources internally to execute the strategy effectively this is a good start, but don’t underestimate the commitment required.

To succeed, the marketing and communication activity requires careful planning, adequate resourcing, reliable execution and perseverance.

If you can’t promise to do all of these, ask for help to implement your strategy.

2. Don’t over-publish if it’s not done well

Depending on the answers you’ve gained from your resourcing questions, this will direct you to how many, and which online and offline channels you are going to be active in. There is no point being on every channel if your personas don’t get their information from that channel and you can’t deliver high quality and consistent content.  We would much rather you master one channel than just have a presence on three or four.

3. Follow your editorial calendar religiously

An editorial calendar is your best friend when implementing your strategy. It gives you direction and strategic focus. Most importantly it keeps you accountable.

A good editorial calendar will map out what content you are creating, who is going to create it, which persona you are creating it for, when you are publishing your content and how you are going to amplify that content.

If you are not adhering to all parts of your editorial calendar, your chance of successful engagement with your audience will be reduced.

Don’t think of this as a way to scare you off.  Developing content is fun and you will learn a lot about your organisation. Once you get into a rhythm, implementing your strategy becomes second nature.

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David is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup and possesses a love of writing. While he could write and talk about sport all day, his focus is now on helping public-sector clients tell their stories.

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