Content marketing is not a thing; it is a process

Content marketing is not a thing; it is a process

As advocates of content marketing we are often asked what it is. There is an air of inconclusive hubbub surrounding this fresh approach which is already changing perceptions of how people should communicate- outshining traditional ways of marketing.

As mentioned in a previous blog– content marketing is an ongoing process, focusing on consistency and the continual creating, curating and sharing of valuable content. It’s about giving your audience and customers the information they crave.

As far as we are concerned content marketing is the goods, the new black and at the top of our hot list.

2014 has brought about a rapid acceleration in the understanding and acceptance of content marketing. More and more traditional marketers, advertisers and communicators are joining us in this new world. On the flip side are those who are still sceptical about content marketing. Those who may argue that traditional tactics such as media releases, alerts, email, advertising and social media are not content marketing… proclamations that dazzle us! They all have their place in content marketing – as long as they are being strategically directed to the right audience.

Perhaps we can quash some of the confusion over what is and what isn’t content marketing by comparing it with a fabulous and modern cuisine centring on infusions. We need to step away from the idea of it being a thing and acknowledge it as a new process which utilises and implements traditional tactics- as part of a business strategy.

For someone like me who has recently jumped from the public to private sector, being able to clarify content marketing as a process has enabled me to gain the required appreciation from family and friends about what it is I actually do from Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions about content marketing please let us know.

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