Three steps to running a successful PR event

Three steps to running a successful PR event

Long gone are the days at contentgroup when our primary focus was public relations. We live and breathe content marketing, but still recognise the importance of running Public Relations events as part of our service deliverables.

PR remains an effective component of achieving results.

After you have completed your personalised content marketing strategy, you are half the way to executing a successful PR event.

Follow these next three steps and your PR event will be a success.

1. Create a PR Event Plan

The plan for your PR campaign is simple. All of your research and discovery around key messaging, objectives and audiences will have been completed in your overarching content marketing strategy. All you have to do in your PR campaign is tailor them specifically for the campaign you are running.

As part of your plan make sure you pay careful consideration to the following aspects:

  1. Location – is the location for your event suitable for what you are announcing? Make sure it is easily accessible for the media and other key audiences.
  2. Time – Have you chosen a good time to run your event? The time is crucial. Media are often on deadline in the afternoon so make it as easy as possible for them and try and make your event in the morning.
  3. Spokespeople – Make sure you have organised appropriate spokespeople for your event. Are they good media talent and will they speak to the correct messaging.

Finally as part of your plan, make a timeline of all the activity you will complete – it will make you accountable.

2. Speak to the Media

The media are your best friends for the PR event. Don’t just expect them to turn up on the day if you haven’t worked hard in pitching stories to them beforehand. Put extra effort in to ensure their attendance.

Make them feel comfortable and ensure that all their requirements for the event are catered for.

3. Create content at the PR event

A PR event is designed for the media – but don’t forget to utilise your other channels.

These channels will have all been identified in your content marketing strategy, as well as your PR event plan.

Ensure you have arranged people to create content at your PR event – this content will populate your social channels and website for weeks to come.

Content you could collect at your PR event include short videos, photos, vox pops and interviews for website blogs.

Complete these three steps and you will have positioned yourself perfectly to execute your event and will be on your way to running a successful PR event.

And don’t forget – if you are having difficulty deciding how to implement PR, go back to your content marketing strategy. It will hold all the answers.

Image Source: Colorado State University

David is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup and possesses a love of writing. While he could write and talk about sport all day, his focus is now on helping public-sector clients tell their stories.

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