Enter the world of accessible and usable content

Enter the world of accessible and usable content

You have probably noticed that social media moves at an exorbitant pace. In the content marketing world technology developments are swifter than Canberra’s weather and it is vital we keep up to date with our environment- constantly learning and absorbing.

In our collective blog the staff in the contentgroup office put their thinking caps on to produce our predictions for the communications, digital and content marketing industry for 2014.

Our Senior Communication Coordinator Jamie Bradnam’s prediction: everyone will invest in mobile, focuses on mobile responsiveness. This brings to light one high priority topic surrounding social media and accessibility, which all content marketers should be aware of- accessible content for people of ALL abilities.

The social media sphere is an interesting realm providing the magical key to publishing content, enabling connections, interaction and a portal to a wealth of information.

In 2014 those who work within the colourful world of communications, digital and content marketing should think about accessible and usable social media environments which enable anyone on any browser or device the ability to access and use your content.

Because that’s what social media is all about these days; participation, conversation and discussion.

There are many reasons why audiences engage with content, whether for business, socialising or entertainment purposes, but many social media platforms have limited accessibility. From a business perspective this can be damaging; resulting in lower participation or engagement from those with differing abilities due to disability, culture and SEO.

There hasn’t been a great deal written on accessibility and social media, but accessible content has been a priority for the Australian Government currently implementing the Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy.

Regardless of which sector you operate in or the prevalence of regulatory guidelines/legislation awareness and implementation of accessible and usable content should be best practice.

This year contentgroup encourages you join us on our mission to educate ourselves on this important social media issue, because removing these accessibility barriers will put you one step ahead.

Media Access Australia released a helpful review worth reading- Sociability: social media for people with a disability.

Do you have any web accessibility or usability tips accessible content?

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