Content marketing is as easy as picking up sticks

Content marketing is as easy as picking up sticks

I’m preparing for winter. Every morning when I take my dog Gus for a walk, we pick up sticks and bring them home.


When winter arrives, (and happily no we are not talking North American polar vortex in this part of the world) we need to build fires. Kindling is crucial to building fires and it grinds me to pay the extortionate prices of the local petrol station and it’s a bit of a waste of time to cut down the bigger pieces from my wood pile.

So for the last two months I’ve been picking up sticks.

My goal has been to assemble a big enough pile of sticks which means I don’t have to pay the petrol station man.

Some mornings are boom time. Big branches have fallen and there is plenty of wood of different sizes and quality to gather. Some mornings are bust and there is simply nothing around or if it is around it’s too far to carry home.

So what’s the content marketing moral to this story?

1. Get started. I know I want to build my pile so all it took was for me to focus on that goal, respond to my need and get started.

2. Keep at it. Once you know the goal of your content marketing, stick with it. Some days will be great and you will make lots of progress. Some days, not so much. So progress is uneven and accept that your content marketing efforts will be the same.

3. Understand the why? Yes I’m a tight arse and I don’t want to pay inflated prices but my need is kindling. I need it to start my fire to keep my family warm in winter. It’s a real need and I have responded to it.

4. Doing stuff is rewarding. Watching my little pile grow and mature has given me this bizarre sense of accomplishment. When anyone visits, I take them over and introduce them to it like I would introduce them to a member of my family. I love my pile and I’m very proud of it.

So get clear about your goals, take small steps, accept that some days will be better than others and be proud of what you achieve no matter what.

Sounds like a good formula for living life right?


Images: Anna Pembroke

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