How Commonwealth Bank nailed content marketing this summer

How Commonwealth Bank nailed content marketing this summer

I loved every moment of the Ashes this summer as Australia steamrolled England 5-0. But aside from the dominant performances of Michael Clarke’s team, I was also very impressed by the content marketing efforts of the Commonwealth Bank.

I don’t generally pay too much attention to the ads during cricket – it’s a great time to get another beer from the fridge or go for a quick bathroom break – but Commonwealth Bank’s ads, segments during The Cricket Show, and social media presence across the summer had me hooked.

From the clever caricatures on Twitter and Facebook promoted posts that mimicked the board game Test Match Cricket to the well-produced short videos on how clubs were assisted with facility and equipment upgrades, CommBank hit the nail on the head.

Commbank Caricatures

Content marketing is all about pushing information out to your target audience, sharing knowledge, building trust and consequently keeping that audience engaged.

Commonwealth Bank captured its audience through the establishment of the CommBank Cricket Club.

It was a simple (but clearly intricately planned) strategy that involved an audience right across Australia, and a clear focus of community.

Through cash grants, tickets to Ashes cricket tests and assistance in helping struggling cricket clubs around Australia CommBank placed itself front and centre during the summer.

Did they win me over? Yes. As a member of a fine cricket club in Canberra it made me think how my club could be involved. Most importantly it made me visit the CommBank website.

Content Marketing goal achieved.

I found out how I could get involved in the cricket club program and viewed a range of great stills and video of how CommBank was helping the cricket community.

But I was also dragged to other service offerings from one of Australia’s major banks…rates and financial assistance, ways to save, home loan calculators…the list goes on.

All presented in an unobtrusive way that is designed to help the CommBank audience.

So well done to the Australian Cricket Team this summer, but also well done to their major sponsor CommBank for its content marketing campaign.

(Images: Commonwealth Bank Facebook page and the Commbank Cricket Club)

David is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup and possesses a love of writing. While he could write and talk about sport all day, his focus is now on helping public-sector clients tell their stories.


  1. Good insights David. The Commonwealth Bank has been astute in combining national coverage, appeals to individual cricket fans and a way for thousands of cricket clubs throughout the country to come together. And I do love the use of quirky humour. All up a good study showing content marketing is well underway in OZ.

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