contentgroup 2014 Predictions

contentgroup 2014 Predictions

The world is moving at an extremely rapid pace. Technology moves swiftly and most of the things we talk about today last no longer than a Tweet. The key is to keep on top of things. We are constantly learning about new and improved ways to complete our work and to make our lives easier.

Here at contentgroup we have come up with our predictions for the communications, digital and content marketing industry for 2014. Some are bold and some might seem obvious, but this is the way that we see some of the trends heading over the next 12 months.

@Jacqui Garrity: Instagram will double in size in Australia

Instagram was the ninth most popular brand on social media in 2013, after gaining 16 million new followers during the year worldwide and an additional 50 million new active users in nine short months. This success can be attributed to the introduction of video capability, photo tagging, sponsored photos and videos and the ability to Instagram direct (think Snapchat).

Instagram started 2013 with over 100 million monthly active users, and this had climbed to over 150 million by September. In 2014 I predict that Instagram will continue to grow, and will have over 250 million active users by the end of the year, of which 3 million will be Australian (up from 1.6 million currently).

@Helen O’Neil: Every department will be forced into communications

The relentless shift to digital platforms will force more business and policy professionals into the communications area.

Early 2014 evidence of the trend is the new MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Content Strategy offered by top notch journalism school Northwestern University.

NWU stresses that employees from every department must go beyond their job description and learn “how to use words, pictures, video, and social and mobile media to interact with their most important constituents with trustable, actionable information that the audience values and will use”.

So, accountants, lawyers and logistics managers will be joining marketing, media and production specialists in the online storytelling trade. That’s because clients will expect more value.

@David Polglase: Content Marketing will add to the importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s growth over the last year has exploded and this trend will continue into 2014. There are more than 259 million members on LinkedIn and as people continue to realise its advantages in creating and showcasing business, this number will continue to skyrocket.

Marketing and advertising teams have recognised LinkedIn’s capabilities and in the world of content marketing, where everyone is now a publisher, its value will only grow.

I am going to stretch my prediction and say that by the end of 2014 LinkedIn will have more than 400 million members worldwide.

@Jamie Bradnam: Everyone will invest in mobile

It doesn’t matter where you are. Whether it’s a party, a family BBQ or waiting at a bus stop, everyone is peering down looking at their mobile devices. I wish I was a chiropractor because we’ll all need them in 20 years time. We can’t help ourselves and we don’t want to stop. We need instant information in the palm of our hands.

There has already been a move towards mobile technologies. We have been through the trend where everyone wants a Mobile App for their business, but now we will enter the stage where websites will all need to be mobile responsive. Google search results are now starting to reward websites who offer users a good user experience and this trend will continue to grow. We are currently in the process of redeveloping our own website and we need it to look top quality on mobile devices for users.

Everyone we talk to about redeveloping a website wants to talk about mobile and all of the best web development companies should be thinking about mobile design as a high priority.

@Grace Finch: The Copyright Agency will crackdown on offenders

The Copyright Agency is cracking down on businesses who infringe copyright laws. Content marketing is booming and businesses are publishing their own websites, blogs, newsletters and articles, yet finding and sharing new content can be tough.

All areas of business are accountable for upholding laws and they need to be cautious of copying and repurposing existing content without permission.

In 2014 one resolution should be to educate yourself and colleagues on copyright laws and to avoid republishing third party content.

Businesses that republish a lot of articles can get a copyright license which would cover them for copying, repurposing and storing third party material.

@David Pembroke: The growth of the collaborative economy

The growth of the collaborative economy will be the big mover in 2014.

The central role technology now plays in all of our lives will be further entrenched and the ease of access to people, information, education and entertainment will continue to shrink the world. The ease at which we now connect is driving a greater willingness to share and trust.

At contentgroup, a tidal wave of content marketing opportunity is heading our way and we will need to collaborate with partner agencies to make sure we continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients.  The pace of change will be hectic and people will be paralysed by choice.

A clear vision with strategic actions taken one at a time will be the answer to surviving and thriving in 2014.

@Sophie Morrison: Facebook will have to stop biting the hands that feed it

The end of 2013 saw Facebook changing its news feed algorithms which lead to the punishment of business pages who could not reach as wide an audience as before.

A huge decline in post reach (dropping from around 16% in some cases down to 3%) means that the work organisations have done to build their pages is not so significant anymore. With many of these organisations paying for advertising it is clear that Facebook needs to do something to ensure these businesses get benefits from a mix of paid and organic posts.

If Facebook does not do something to help the businesses that invest with them people will start to use other platforms to engage with their audience.

@Kelly Charls: Short, sharp content will be the key

In this ever changing digital world 2014 will be the year to ramp up your content – good quality and plenty of it will ensure your audience engages from beginning to end. Be it video, podcasts, text or graphics, the way you present your material is really important. When anyone and everyone is a publisher you need to produce your content to the highest quality and if you can’t do this yourself, then engage the professionals to do it!

Publishing regularly will be the key – short sharp messages for your audience will sow the seed to cement the relationship you need to build your business. And the volume of your material needs to be dissected so you are presenting bite size pieces for your audience to digest on their mobile device.

It is an exciting time and we are looking forward to doing what we do best – producing high quality, engaging content for our clients.

Each week a staff member puts pen to paper to write about an aspect of content communication that speaks to them, and hopefully, informs you. This is a space where our passion for writing, learning and sharing information comes to shine.


  1. 100% agree with all those predictions.

    I personally believe that we will see brands try and make sense of Snapchat as a marketing tool. With over 30 million users on the platform, it is a market that is yet to be infiltrated by brands.

    I also see 2014 being the year of video. With Instagram supporting video, as well as vine and Snapchat, it is essential that brands figure out how to best market their products through video.

    Personally, I am focusing on long version content including white papers, ebooks, video and audio.

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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