How can you prove content marketing works?

How can you prove content marketing works?

I pulled into the driveway of my local petrol station and ran into a friend who is one of Canberra’s most successful business people.

After saying hello and exchanging pleasantries he said, “Thanks for sending out that information about content marketing. I really enjoy it and my team are getting great value from talking and using the ideas you keep raising”.


A lead indicator that our content marketing is working.

We have four objectives for our content marketing:

  1. Increase the awareness of our brand through creating and publishing useful content;
  2. Build a community around our brand and encourage them to use content marketing to achieve their objectives;
  3. Generate business leads for contentgroup; and
  4. Put a smile on the face of our community members (Groupies) and add value to their lives.

It’s true that we get our fair share of unsubscribes and people telling us that we publish too much, but I’m okay with that.

Trying to find the right publishing cadence and identifying the high value topics for the Groupies is a perennial source of discussion in our team.

So how can you prove content marketing works?

Comments, messages, follows, retweets and shares across your various social platforms and website are all indicators that your content is making an impression. It’s hard not to get caught up in the arms race for bigger, higher, stronger numbers but it’s pointless if it’s not contributing to achieving an objective.

The key is to draw together all the feedback you can muster and create insights that can help you achieve your objectives.

We’ve started experimenting with topics, publishing times, platforms, channels and content. Over time we’ve found that insights do emerge.

Most of our content is firmly focussed on content marketing but we’ve partnered with one of Australia’s leading food bloggers to publish recipes for good food. The content is proving to add “value” to our community members, so it is right to be published.

Technology has given all of us the ability to reach and engage with people as never before.  This is the opportunity of content marketing and if you define your objectives clearly enough and direct your publishing efforts toward creating value which will help you achieve those objectives, then you are well on the path to success.

Image: K Greggain

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