Why contentgroup is like Sachin Tendulkar

Why contentgroup is like Sachin Tendulkar

Today, the greatest batsman of all time retires from Test Cricket.  There I said it.  It’s out there.

You might be wondering why someone with the last name Bradnam (I never corrected them at trials if they misspelt it) would allow himself to make such a bold statement in the face of Australia’s great champion Sir Donald Bradman.

When I assess my judgement on Sachin versus the Don, I look at his ability to maintain a consistent level of performance over such a long period of time in all three formats of the game.  I don’t buy into looking at a Test batting average as the main differentiator of talent.

In the same vein, when I look at analytics of our digital platforms, I don’t just look at website hits or Facebook “Likes”.  I look at how our content is performing across web, social and video platforms and how that performance is maintained over time.  There is much more to it to understand whether a platform is performing such as engagement, bounce rate and goal conversions.

So where is the connection between contentgroup and Sachin Tendulkar?

We are the veterans in Australia.  We have a lot of runs on the board and we’ve been in this game a long time.  In the content marketing world we were the first to debut in Australia and we both built strong reputations in the 1990’s and 2000’s as the leaders in our respective fields.  We have both delivered.

We’ve both had experience in professional sport.  Tendulkar in his years as a professional for India, Mumbai and Yorkshire.  contentgroup has worked with the Wallabies, the Brumbies, the Australian Olympic Committee, the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian International Shooting, Rowing Australia, GWS Giants and the Canberra Cavalry in the past.  We both know what it takes to succeed in creating a buzz around our sports and attracting fans through the gates.

Just as Tendulkar adapted to the different formats of the game throughout his career, we’re also effective at adapting to the different forms of communication as it has changed; from public relations and marketing to content marketing.

Just as Twenty20 cricket has taken over in popularity to meet a mass market, content marketing has become the field that we specialise in now.

Content marketing is essentially about two things.

1)      Having a story and finding the language and methods to tell it well

2)      Ensuring that story reaches and influences its intended audience

Sachin Tendulkar has a story.  His journey has been about scoring runs for his country and leading them to many victories throughout his 24 year career.  The amplification of that story has been talking to the press who publish his story worldwide.  His profile means this works, but it doesn’t work as simply for everyone else.

contentgroup have worked along a similar path.  We have developed our reputation over the past 16 years and we have delivered results for a number of clients.  Our amplification has been the generosity of clients telling others about our services.  We also use content marketing as part of our own process.

The only part where we really differ from Sachin is his recent decision.  We are not about to retire.  We’re in it for the long haul.

We will be helping our clients tell their stories for a long time to come.

Congratulations to Sachin Tendulkar on a great career.

(Image: Cricinfo)

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