How is content marketing different to PR?

How is content marketing different to PR?

Content marketing and public relations are from the same family.

PR is the responsibility for the flow of information so that a business, service or organisation is viewed positively by the public; content marketing creates and disseminates content to a clearly defined and understood target audience. The content must be valuable to the audience it is targeting and, if successful, it will engage them.

They follow slightly different methodologies, but both have a common goal of connecting people positively with the brand or service being offered.

Content marketing slowly pushes people towards a brand or service, while PR pulls these same consumers into a business.

However the value and impact of content marketing has now far surpassed that of public relations for two main reasons.

1. Everyone is a publisher

In a world where everyone can be a publisher through their smart phones, content marketing is giving businesses the chance to consistently create or curate their own content; not only to keep current clients happy, but to attract new ones.

Whilst results in public relations are often dependent on buy in from a media entity or a third party, all the building blocks are now in place for content marketers to “own” their media channels.

Videos can be uploaded to personalised YouTube accounts, and other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest readily market the information you want to share.

Blogs can be created on your website that up skill your target audience and inform them with information they want to hear. Create trust with this target audience through your published content and the reward is future business.

2. Measurement and Evaluation

A challenge in public relations has always centred around how to measure its effectiveness.

Measurement has always relied on systems such as Advertising Equivalent Value (AEV) or the numbers of media placements and press mentions. There are no statistics readily available on the engagement of the audience, let alone the audience that you wish to reach.

With content marketing however, everything is measurable.

Analytics on websites show how long people stayed on the page, where they visited from, if comments were left and what other pages they visited.

Social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube analyse statistics including retweets, follows, likes, reach and views. You target the audience you want to reach.

The world is already embracing content marketing.

Just remember – identify your audience and ensure you produce well written, informative content and you can use content marketing to its full potential.

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David is the Head of Consulting at contentgroup and possesses a love of writing. While he could write and talk about sport all day, his focus is now on helping public-sector clients tell their stories.

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