To dance or watch? A Content Marketing World tale

To dance or watch? A Content Marketing World tale

I love to dance. Always have.

I remember my first high school dance. A 13-year-old city boy in his second week at a rural boarding school paralysed with anxiety. Put me in a sporting team… No problem. Ask me to dance with girls? No clue.

I remember asking one of the senior school boys what I should do. His advice? “Just stand in front of them and do what they do”. I did and I loved it.

Last night at Content Marketing World one of the sponsors, Compendium, hosted us at the House of Blues club where an 80s cover band from Detroit tore it up.

The music drew me straight to the front of the room and into the teeth of a dilemma. Should I dance or should I watch? It was early in the night so there was plenty of people watching and not many on the dance floor.

So what did I do? I danced. And I’m glad I did.

So what’s the content marketing insight? Don’t let fear stop you. Dive in and get started. Don’t hang back. Don’t worry about what others may say or do. Trust your instinct and start creating.

Making choices like I did at the conference, where you are almost completely anonymous is one thing, but how would I have reacted if I was on my home turf with a name and reputation to preserve?

Would I have had the courage to make the same decision and just let it go? I hope so. I’ve just put 50 years on the clock and one thing I have learned is to stay in the moment and enjoy it. To enjoy what’s happening and who you are with.

So if the opportunity arises today and you find yourself asking yourself should I or shouldn’t I? Say yes and dance. You won’t regret it.

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