Don’t start until the communication objective is discussed, defined and agreed

Don’t start until the communication objective is discussed, defined and agreed

“We think a video and a podcast series would be the perfect way to get our message through,” said the client.

“You could be right, but what do you base that on?” I asked.

“Everything you read is about how important video is and people could listen to a podcast series at the weekend when they have more time,” they answered.

That was a reasonable answer and motivation. But, what struck me was that we were talking tactics before agreeing on precisely what it was that we were trying to achieve (objective), how we were going to achieve it (strategy) and how we were going to measure success (measurement and evaluation).

The temptation is to dive right in, take the brief, produce the content and send the invoice.

But over the longer term (and we all want to be around in the longer term don’t we?) that’s an unsustainable approach and a recipe for unhappy clients.

I’ve committed contentgroup to the challenge of resisting the call to ‘just do it’ until we have sorted the why, what, when, where and how.

A considered, thoughtful and strategic approach is always the best way to deliver results, and something we take great care to create with each of our clients.

We work together to find their story and then create a tailor-made strategy to tell it most effectively.

Lay the foundation for long term prosperity.

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