The case for simplicity

The case for simplicity

Simplicity wins every time.

In a recent collaborative discussion with a client I could see he was resisting our move to simplify the description of his team’s service offering.

Quite reasonably, he argued that what we had proposed didn’t adequately explain the full scope and capability of what they offered.

Fair enough I thought, but given that we were looking to capture the attention of people who were unfamiliar with their offering, what was required was something specific and to the point: Something to start the conversation.

It just so happened that he was heading off on holiday so I said to him: “OK, if you run into a 12 year old kid in the caravan park and he asks you what you do, how would you explain it?”

Unknowingly, he used the exact phrase and words we had proposed in making his reply.  The lights went on.

Effective communication is about being clear and consistent in your language and content across multiple touch points over the short, medium and long term.

While a single sentence description will never do all the heavy lifting in building a relationship, a simple, clear message will provide a good foundation.

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