A Few Good Ideas To Grow Your Followers On Twitter

A Few Good Ideas To Grow Your Followers On Twitter

Here are few good ideas on ways you can contribute to the discussions relevant to your organisation and grow your followers on Twitter.

One thing you can do is to find people who have large followers themselves. There are a number of ways you can do this. Here are two:

  • Check out the most influential followers in your areas of interest on Klout and follow them. Look also at your own list of followers and see who they are following. Chances are, you will find some good ones here.
  • Of course, people you have chosen to follow, (because you think they may provide you with quality content), who have large numbers of followers, could also follow others with good quality. So here is another rich source for you to investigate.

Some other ideas are:

  • Make sure you use a “Tweet This” button below all of your articles/blog posts or below the articles, which you think can go viral in the Twitter world.
  • Participate in Twitter actively. This means you should re-tweet others’ useful tweets, and get their attention. If they also re-tweet one of your tweets sometime, you will end up getting noticed by their followers in turn. Some of their followers may even follow you in turn.
  • Make sure you use your Twitter handle (e.g. ID), in your email signature, so that your business partners or others will get to know that you are also using Twitter.
  • Consider hosting Twitter-specific activities. For example, you could conduct Twitter contests from your Facebook page. This one strategy will drive a lot of followers in a small amount of time. But success does depend on what you choose to give away in the contest. The higher the value of the product/service you are giving away, the higher the chances are of getting more followers.

And finally, have some fun with it, whilst you grow your network:

  • Participate in conversations aggregated by hashtags #, If the group conversation is hot, you might be lucky enough to be listed in a “hot trending topics” list viewable by others and other famous twitter services.
  • #FF (Follow Friday), is a very worthwhile tradition on Twitter. On Follow Fridays people use this hashtag to recommend people to follow. So, for example, I might tweet #FF @kevinrudd @aussiewriters, encouraging those who follow me and trust my recommendations to take up the suggestion. And then and then I am gifting new followers to those whom I have recommended in this way. (Important note: if you are recommended, it is very important you thank the recommender.)

There are many other ways to grow your followers, but these ideas are a great starting point. If you have good ideas that have worked for you, please do share. Or, if you try some of these recommendations, please let me know how successful you thought they were. Would love to hear about your experiences.

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