Media Relations

We have developed and implemented hundreds of effective media relations programs and enjoy productive relationships with media organisations in Canberra, the region, across Australia and around the world.

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Stakeholder Management

The essence of successful public relations is the effective management of stakeholders. Understanding who they are, where they are located and what they expect, are questions answered during our strategic planning process.

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Reputation & Issues Management

It takes years to build a reputation but can be lost in minutes. We have extensive experience helping organisations to build and maintain reputation. We can also help you identify and manage sensitive or emerging issues.

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Story Development

contentgroup will help you define your story, the language and media you need to express it.

We help you clearly identify your tone, style and graphics to capture the essence of your story.

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We encourage people to create thoughtful events that deliver meaningful experiences for their audiences, complementing their content marketing objectives.

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Public Sector Content Communication Weekly Updates