Measurement & Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation drives the accountability of any content marketing strategy.

We assess the effectiveness of our various content marketing tactics and measure them against our agreed objectives.

For example, we may set an objective to increase the number of email newsletter signups or the amount of time visitors are spending on our website/blog. We may set a target for the number of downloads of an individual piece of content or engagement metrics for our social media channels. It could be attendance at an event or placement and pickup of a story in the media. Whatever tactic we implement, we measure.

This approach ensures we are accountable for the performance of our content marketing program.

Measurement and evaluation helps to analyse trends and gain insights into the needs, wants, preferences and behaviours of our key audience.

Over time this approach to measurement and evaluation it gives you a clear sense of what your audience is responding to, resulting in greater control over your publishing and marketing.

We produce custom reports and dashboards to allow real time access to information and analysis.

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