Content Strategy

Our process includes:

  • Profiling priority audiences
  • Assessing the audiences’ primary needs and wants
  • Developing personas to represent our audiences
  • Assess our audience key search keywords and topics.
  • Assess which are the most effective online and offline channels to reach our target audience.
  • Determine the questions our audience will ask.
  • Determine content topics
  • Determine tone of voice
  • Break our story into key messages.

We also examine:

  • What resources are available to curate/create and distribute content through the paid, owned and earned channels of our platform.
  • Model the production workflow
  • Assign accountabilities for the production and distribution process.
  • Settle on a team structure.
  • Assess the tools that needed to support the agreed workflow.
  • Plan the editorial calendar
  • Governance for the content marketing program
  • Risk management for the content marketing program

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