Client Discovery

Research and discovery is the first step of our content communication process.

Why are we committing to content communication? What are we hoping to achieve? How will we know if we have achieved our objectives?

We review research, ask questions and establish a clear understanding of our objectives.

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Content Strategy

Once our purpose and story is clear, we agree on who it is we are seeking to engage and the best way to reach them.

Understanding the audience is the most important part of content communication.

We develop a compelling story for each of our target personas, agree on channels, types of content and how we will measure and evaluate our success.

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Website Strategy

The website/blog is critical. The website/blog is the “centre of gravity” of our content communication efforts. Our priority is to encourage our target audience to interact with our content on our website/blog.

We use the information we have gained in the first two phases of our process to understand the actions and tasks our visitors will undertake once they are on our platform.

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Design & Content

Our website/blog requires content and design to match our audience needs. We understand what is motivating our audience and the content we need to curate and create in order to encourage them to engage with us and take action.

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Publishing & Distribution

With a clear purpose, agreed objectives, a thorough understanding of our target audience, a compelling story and the right combination of video, audio, stills text and graphics, it’s time to publish and distribute our content.

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Social Media Strategy

With a clear understanding of who it is that we are trying to reach and influence we help make decisions about which of the social media platforms is appropriate to use to reach your audience and support the ultimate objective.

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Measurement & Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation drives the accountability of any content communication strategy.

We assess the effectiveness of our various content communication tactics and measure them against our agreed objectives.

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Social Media Training

We offer customised social media training sessions to cater for your own internal needs such as community engagement and platform management. Please contact us for more information on course details and dates.

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