How content marketing can improve internal communication

Content marketing is a powerful tool for communication professionals and can be adapted to your department’s internal communication.

It can enhance existing internal communication efforts and help departments engage and motivate staff towards a shared goal

Enter internal content marketing.

2014 was the year that the UK Government got serious about internal communications. Their aim was to build a stronger and more professional service from within using a content marketing approach.

Executive Director of Government Communications in the UK, Russell Grossman, says that there is a lot to gain if they get it right and that it’s not difficult to get people to sign up to the idea of making themselves more professional.

Internal content marketing can help staff become more skilled, more unified and less bureaucratic.

contentgroup CEO and Founder, David Pembroke defines content marketing as a strategic and measurable business process that relies on the curation, creation, and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content to engage and inform a clearly-defined audience, with the objective of driving a desired action.

This definition can be seamlessly adapted to internal communications- opening up the opportunity to effectively generate, collate and share great stories with colleagues about new developments such as campaigns, policies, products and achievements.

Sharing this type of content can have a really powerful effect on staff buy-in, belief in the work they do and can build advocacy for the department or organisation they work for.

Internal content marketing can be leveraged to extend beyond internal audiences.

Internal communication doesn’t traditionally seek to serve customers and stakeholders, but we live in a digital world that insists on sharable content.

Internal content marketing creates content asserts that can be re-purposed and shared with external audiences such as customers and stakeholders.

This content can be distributed externally to showcase the great work of the department- heightening staff motivation and engagement and providing external audiences with compelling information that they can share in their own networks.

A double win.

What are your thoughts on improving internal communications using content marketing? What do you think the best type of content is for internal communications?

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Grace Finch

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Grace Finch is a Communications Strategist at contentgroup employing content marketing to meet her client’s objectives. Alongside a spot of tea and pretty bows, Grace revels in generating buzz and getting people talking about your story. You can follow her nattering’s @GraceLFinch.

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