Top tips for government video communications

contentgroup recently attended the Role of Video in Digital Government seminar in Canberra where presenters from various government departments explored current issues in online engagement and presented case studies of video production in the public sector. Events such as this enable the video industry to connect with their audiences, to help fill those gaps in resourcing and expertise and to enable governments to reach their stakeholders directly. Check out the top tips we scooped from the day.

The importance of design

Instead, it’s viewed as an ‘optional extra’ that can be tacked on at the end of a project to make it look pretty. This is not good communication. Good communication must be designed, and designed well, from the get-go.

4 simple tips to dominate SEO search using keywords

Most organisations know that SEO should be implemented, but often they don’t know how effectively it can be used in conjunction with keywords to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their websites through organic engine results. As SEO continues to gain momentum, many of our clients are starting to ask us how to choose the right words, and how to make sure they’re getting the right searches to help them grow.

How to make a Video News Release and get your story told

Video News Releases (VNRs) are a way for government departments, not-for-profits and businesses to gain TV and online media coverage for events, programs or products. Read our tips on how you can produce your own Video News Releases and tell your story.

The power of third party content distribution

How can you work third party content distribution into your marketing strategy? Find out how adding this tactic to your communications programme will maximise the reach of your target audience.

3 Questions that will set your work apart from the competition

You know your audience well, you’ve researched them constantly, you’ve surveyed them enough to know what they’ll listen to. When you’ve analysed all of your previous facts, where do you find new material?

Double your productivity by using an editorial calendar

Want to save 6 hours every month? This planning technique will increase your productivity and reduce your stress.

How to fix errors in Youtube’s Automatic Captions – a 5-step guide

The Australian Federal Government’s adoption of the WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Guidelines requires video content on government websites to be captioned. This tutorial walks through how to use Youtube Automatic Captions to caption your videos and remove errors which may alienate your viewers.

#67 How to influence the majority of shared conversation with Bob Pearson

Bob Pearson is the President of the W2O Group and has a distinguished career in communications. How can you find the few people who influence the majority of shared conversation?

How to measure your content marketing success

To measure content marketing ROI, we are often overwhelmed by a list of metrics a mile long. Here’s a guide to the key metrics you should be tracking for some of the most common content marketing objectives.

[Infographic] Design for the right generation and increase engagement

Target your design for the right generation. This infographic reveals the nuances of the four generations and how you can tailor your design strategy to get the most engagement.

Q&A #11: How do you deal with criticism?

Many people are hurt by criticism. Negative feedback is inevitable in content marketing. What do you deal with criticism?

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