#107 Professor Stephen Martin – how to communicate public policy

Professor The Hon Stephen Martin has had a distinguished career in the Australian Parliament, academia and the private sector. He was on the advisory board on WPP’s report on the state of communications in governments worldwide, and speaks with David Pembroke about the report.

Beware the weasel words

The power and potential volatility associated with the written and spoken word is enormous, wielding enough power to compromise the integrity of an individual, organisation, government body or country to the long or short-term detriment of personal, professional even national interests. Just ask Don Watson, author of Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Clichés, Cart and Management Jargon, who highlights a rampant trend amongst politicians, government and other officials to shower their audience with clichés and jargon at any or every opportunity.

Change management and communication; you can’t have one without the other

Change management. It’s something several government organisations are experiencing at the moment as they change the way they do their business, while continuing to deliver on their programs and policies in the most efficient and effective way. For many people, this level of change can be quite a stressful period, however, it’s not all doom and gloom. When managed effectively, change can lead to improved mental health, innovation and an increase in productivity.

#99 Sonya Sandham – the power of personal storytelling

Sonya Sandham is so passionate about the power of storytelling in the public sector that she’s doing a PhD at the University of Canberra. She explains why in this week’s podcast with David Pembroke.

#96 Gillian Field – building trust with internal communications

Gillian Field joins the InTransition podcast to discuss internal and corporate communications. She has considerable experience in the Australian public sector, including the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Defence and Centrelink.

Employees hold the keys to your reputation

New research shows internal communication drives reputation. How can you use word-of-mouth to increase your reputation?

The internal communications playbook

Most communicators are guilty of pushing internal communications to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list. When you consider the benefits, you will change your mind.

4 tips to help prepare a communication strategy that works

Creating a good communication strategy is integral to success. The new age of technology has given communicators the opportunity to add a new level of depth to their strategies in order to achieve better results. Read on to discover four tips to help you prepare a communication strategy that works.

How content marketing can improve internal communication

Executive Director of Government Communications in the UK, Russell Grossman, says that there is a lot to gain if governments get serious about internal communications. Read on to find out.

Two important lessons all communicators should take on board

In Episode 3 of InTransition former Department of Immigration Secretary, Andrew Metcalfe explained why he believes that the role of communication when dealing with crisis management is vitally important.

Writing an effective communication strategy for government

All good communication strategies are written and implemented in order to achieve a specific objective. In this blog Sophie McKerchar explains how!

New name – now what?

Here are some tips to successfully manage and implementing a big organisational change such as a new name through clear and consistent communication.

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