You’re so vain: don’t fall victim to vanity metrics on social media

We’ve all been there. Our Facebook page has finally started gaining likes and we’re ready to tell the whole office we’ve finally made it. If our social media accounts are gaining likes and followers, surely this must mean we’re doing well, right? Not necessarily. Here’s why you should think twice before declaring yourself the office social media guru as soon as you gain some followers.

The importance of social media for government  

Social media is used by citizens all across the globe; however, not all government departments are using social media to its full potential. Social media is one of the few digital avenues offering two-way communication, giving the sender the ability to receive feedback and monitor sentiment. However, governments’ ability to fully utilise this two-way communication channel still has some way to go.

Live Audio is coming to Facebook

A new way of communicating with audiences will soon be available to anyone with a Facebook page and a smartphone. Just before Christmas Facebook announced the introduction of Live Audio, which lets mobile device users broadcast audio straight to their news feed. Find out how Live Audio will add another channel of public engagement for public sector entities.

#92 Gregory Andrews – fighting extinction with social media

Gregory Andrews is Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner. In this podcast he explains how content communication using social media is supporting Australia’s fight against extinction.

Social media’s impact on the 2016 US Presidential Election

In an ever-changing media landscape, we continue to see social media sites wield more influence over traditional media platforms. According to Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook helped more than 2 million Americans register to vote on November 8. What made social media such an influential landscape during the lead up to the Presidential Election?

Putting the customer first: Communication lessons from the 2016 Census

For brands who are selling a product or service, putting customer service at the centre of their communications approach is a no-brainer – but what about the government? The 2016 Census contained important lessons for government communicators and their customer service approach.

The social media statistics we can’t ignore

How can government connect with citizens in the age of social media? Use our infographic of the most popular social media platform statistics to help consider your own approach.

How you can use user generated content on Instagram

What’s the secret behind successful Instragram accounts which result in cult followings? How do you build user generated content into your Instagram strategy?

The Case for Facebook in the public sector

In the public sector, Facebook is referred to as the F-word. Here are three things you need to say to your executive to make them reconsider their policy on Facebook.

#72 Hank Jongen on Centrelink’s massive social media programme

Hank Jongen is the General Manager, Departmental Spokesperson for the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Human Services. Hank discusses the amazing content marketing effort his department is making.

Great examples of social media marketing in government

Whether your objective is to increase awareness, decrease call centre costs or change behaviour, if used correctly, social media can be a powerful channel. Here are 5 of the greatest examples of social media marketing in the public sector.

#65 Washington, DC transparent with negative public feedback

Every year I go to Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S.. This year we are sponsoring a session on content marketing in government and the public sector. If you are thinking of attending the main event or an all-access pass, we’ve got a code for you to save some money. If you […]

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