Episode #21: How to maximise your opportunities in social media

Our guest today, Richard Spencer leads the largest media monitoring agency in Australia. With extensive experience working in social media our conversation delves into the issue of trust for government agencies when using social media.

Episode #20: Analyse your audience and refine accordingly

Prudence Cook, the Manager of Online Communities at the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), blending the world of digital technology and agriculture seamlessly. In this talk, she explains how social media has helped her understand her audience.

InTransition Episode #19: The non-negotiables of content marketing

Our guest today, Gina Florence is a rising star in the government communication sector. Gina serves as the Marketing and Communications Supervisor for the City of Bryan, Texas. In this episode, we discuss her role for the City of Bryan which includes boosting economic development, city programs, and tourism across online channels.

InTransition Episode #18: How to create searchable content

Today’s guest, James Mathewson is one of the global leaders in building the tools and education to enable a global workforce to do data-driven search marketing. In this episode we discuss the power of Google Adwords and the use of social media metrics to track, listen and ultimately engage with your audience.

InTransition Episode #17: Think, act and deliver like a publisher

Today’s guest, Brody Dorland is the co-founder of DivvyHQ, a content planning and production workflow tool that is used by content marketers across the globe. During this episode, David Pembroke and Brody discuss DivvyHQ, content planning and the importance of knowing your audience.

InTransition Episode #16: Writing: the core of effective communication with Matt Fenwick of True North Writing

Clear writing is at the essence of great content marketing. Today we are joined by former Australian public servant and Owner of True North Writing, Matt Fenwick. Matt explains how you can improve the way that you write through practice and technique.

InTransition Episode #14: Using content marketing to drive citizen action, featuring Scott Burns

Today we head to Washington D.C. to speak with Scott Burns, the CEO and founder of GovDelivery. GovDelivery is a successful company that has been helping government tell the stories since the year 2000. Today they serve 1100 different government organisations across the US, the UK and some of the main EU organisations in Brussels.

InTransition Episode #13: Why governments are content-rich, featuring David Rawlings

In this episode, we discuss some of biggest challenges for government in getting started with content marketing with a man who knows a great deal about content marketing in government – David Rawlings from Landmark Media in Adelaide, Australia.

InTransition Episode #12: Engaging government to citizen relationships, featuring Keren Flavell

In episode 12 of InTransition, our guest Keren Flavell is an award-winning interactive media producer with 20 years experience in creating content online. Most recently, she created the TownHall Social App, an e-democracy tool designed to help governments better engage with citizens.

InTransition Episode #11: How to create long-term relationships with your client, featuring Jason Miller

We interviewed Jason Miller, the Senior Manager content and social at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. He leads global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI.

InTransition Episode #10: Using content marketing to explain public policy, featuring Kim Ulrick

Our guest today likes to cross the boundaries between communications and policy. Kim Ulrick is the Assistant Secretary Digital Communications, Department of Communication.

InTransition Episode #9 – Carmel McGregor from Australian Public Service

This week’s guest has a long and distinguished career in the Australian Public Service. Today we talk to Carmel McGregor about the vital role communications played in her success.

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